Laurie Stokes-Bell is an Administrator who works with patients and families as they journey through end of life decisions and transitions. Laurie believes that it is an honor to be allowed to be with families at this precious time in their lives as they begin their hospice journey. Laurie has had the privilege to support many patients and families in their hospice experience by providing an opportunity to give voice to their wishes and desires at end of life. Communication at Angel Hands is one of our primary tenets we encourage our patients, families and our healthcare partners to share concerns and triumphs in order to ensure their hospice journey is fulfilling and meets their needs. 

Laurie has a Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Texas at Arlington. She has been a practicing social worker for over 25 years and continues to provide social services at Angel Hands in addition to her role as Administrator. Laurie has also been a proud member of the National Association of Social Workers for 25 years and was recognized for her membership in 2018. She additionally, participates on the local level as a steering committee member for the Texoma Branch. Laurie is extremely proud of her Angel Hands Hospice Team and often refers to the as “The Dream Team” because of their undaunting dedication to exceptional patient care and compassion for their patients and families. To be allowed to journey with a patient and family during this most holy time of life is truly a privilege.